In what ways does ZZZ Base develop?

1. Add new built-in database management languages.

2. Dedicated TTM library for work with JSON objects - realized on 90%.

3. Structured URLs (host:port/path/to/application/parameter1/value1/parameterN/valueN) - realized on 100%.

4. Embedded versions of the ZZZ Base.

5. Embedding SMTP mail server - realized at 1%

6. Community portal for support and experience sharing - realized at 10%

7. Completely new portal for the ZZZ Base, based on ZZZ Server located on - realized at 1%

8. TLS encrypted connections to the ZZZ Server - realized at 90%

9. Development of applications for end users based on ZZZ Server

10. Connection with Hibernate OGM - realized at 0%

11. Usage through Linq for .NET - realized at 50%

12. System for automatically generate program products building ZZZ Base, wholly based on the ZZZ Server - realized at 95%

Other developments to improve quality, stability, security and speed of the ZZZ Base, ZZZ Server, and ZZZ++

Products Comparison:
Poduct ZZZ Base Micro ZZZ Base Mini ZZZ Base ZZZ Server
License price $9 $49 $99 $500
Bases in file
Bases in memory
Temporary bases
Max base size:
8 000 000 TB
Mac OS X